Did You Know?

95% of the individuals that Tierra del Sol
serves are engaged in volunteering,
paid employment or post-secondary education.

Luis Blocks


Did You Know?

Tierra Sunland clients prepare
197,000 meals each year.


Did You Know?

Tierra Artists have participated
in over 250 Fine Art Exhibitions
in more than 50 cities
throughout the world.

Hamer Shot_Amichai Rubinstein (left), Joe Zaldivar (center), Rebecca Lienhard (Right)


Did You Know?

Tierra del Sol serves
over 675 individuals
with developmental disabilities every day.

The Tierra del Sol Foundation was founded 45 years ago by eight families who were searching for an alternative to institutionalizing their children. Today, Tierra del Sol helps more than 675 people each day across Los Angeles County overcome cognitive, physical, emotional or behavioral challenges resulting from developmental disabilities. Tierra has grown into a recognized leader in developing innovative, accredited services that enable adults with developmental disabilities to realize their greatest human potential. We offer a wide variety of educational opportunities for individuals to discover and share their talents and abilities with the community and their family. We believe our community is stronger when all of its members are valued and appreciated. Through Tierra, people are supported to become gainfully employed, volunteer and pursue post-secondary education, thus enabling them to fulfill their hopes and dreams and build the life that they want.

Rebecca Lienhard
Chief Executive Officer

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