Art Careers and Empowerment: Marie Grace Pedrigal

Upon introduction to Tierra del Sol, Marie identified herself as a deaf weaver. Like a musician is to an instrument, this artist is to her loom. With infectious enthusiasm and unwavering [...]

Tierra’s NEXUS Students — Making College to Career A Reality

Postsecondary education is an endeavor only the bravest of brave pursue—endless assignments and books to read, countless exams and sleepless nights, new professors every 15 weeks and never- [...]

A Future for Employment

Meaningful employment. What does it entail? Purpose, value, establishing a place in the world, and transitioning from a role of consumer to contributor. Many of the individuals served at Tierra [...]

Cipriano Trujillo

My brother, Cipriano Trujillo, was a bit reserved prior to coming to Tierra. Although our family could see his social potential, it was hard for him to be comfortable with other people. Things [...]