A Letter From Tierra’s CEO: Remote Delivery of Services

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To: Associates and their Families/Careproviders

From: Rebecca Lienhard

Re: Remote Delivery of Services


At Tierra, we believe in our mission to champion value and inclusion for all people through

creative pathways to employment, education, and the arts. We see a day where all people live

productive and personally meaningful lives. And we lead with our values of passion, respect,

honesty, full engagement, and person-centeredness. We know that productive and

personally-meaningful lives are not only person-centered, but also exist within inclusive

community-based settings such as college campuses and worksites. Tierra del Sol believes that

we do our best work, in partnership with each associate, when we are delivering services within

these contexts.


With that being said, on December 3, 2023, Tierra del Sol received the extension to the remote

delivery of services provision from the Department of Developmental Services (DDS). The

Directive is attached to this memo. Some may view this continuance in direct conflict with our

mission and vision and in some ways, it is. Therefore, we needed to not only review the memo

as well as the feasibility of continuing to provide quality services remotely, but also how these

services align with our values, mission, and vision – our belief system. In response, we have

developed a series of parameters to help guide us as we partner with you to make

person-centered choices for all of our programs and services.


First, I will start by saying that we will continue delivering some, not all, of our Adult Learning

Classes until further notice. These classes can be accessed via Zoom. In order to do so, we will

continue to employ our Adult Learning Instructors, who sit outside of our ratio-based services.

Examples of classes that may continue are:


PD-Healthy Living w/ Michael

PD- Getting to Know Important Employment Documentation

SI- On the Go with LA Transportation

SI-All Things Weather and Its Impact on Employment

FIT-Exercise and Socialize

FIT-🏃🏻🥗🥪Healthy Lifestyles w/ Jesse

CE-Money Management – How to Manage your Paycheck

CE-Workforce Development – Dress for Success, Managing Workplace Expectations

CA – Careers in the Arts – Poetry

CA – Careers in the Arts – Life Drawing


These are just examples. We will need to make adjustments to these schedules depending on

associate participation and staff availability.


Second, all decisions will be made person by person. Priority to these classes will be given to

those who are not physically or emotionally able, due to significant health/mental health

concerns, to participate in inclusive community settings. If you are able to physically and

emotionally participate, but choose not to, an IDT meeting will be held to make sure that

Tierra’s services are still the best match for you. You matter and so do the quality of your

services. There may be a provider who is better suited to meet your needs. We will explore all

options through a person-centered approach.


Third, in order to continue providing these services, Tierra will be committing close to, if not

more than, $300,000 in staff wages in the coming year to maintain the staffing needed to

provide quality online programming. It is important to understand that most of these classes

are not part of the funding that we get from the Regional Centers; therefore, we must ask that if

you are signed up for a class, please attend. Good attendance will be crucial to the

sustainability of these services.

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