A Reputation of Excellence…Meet Irma, Luis, and Jeanette!

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t First United Methodist Church of Reseda (FUMCR), facility upkeep requires skill and consistency.  Irma, Luis, and Jeanette know what it takes to maintain the cleanliness of the Parish, which accommodates 468 congregants, and houses administrative offices, a daycare, and banquet space.  Loving what they do and performing their jobs with pride – no matter how challenging the task – has earned these exceptional individuals a reputation of excellence.

For more than a decade, Tierra del Sol has proudly partnered with FUMCR.  During this time, Tierra clients have developed strong relationships with both staff as well as its parishioners.  Pastor Gordon Marchant shares, “Tierra clients are like family to all of us, and they represent some of the best employee attitudes I have ever witnessed.”

When asked “What’s the advantage to hiring Tierra clients?” FUMCR Administrative Assistant, Cecile Hwayng, explains,

“You aren’t just hiring a cleaning crew, you are becoming part of something bigger.  Tierra clients have a great reputation that even competitors recognize.  We’ve been approached by other companies that provide similar services, but you can’t compare relationships and what we have with Tierra is irreplaceable.”
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