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Did you know that the United States Department of Labor just celebrated more than 70 years of inclusion for individuals with disabilities who are part of the labor force? This year’s theme was “America’s Workforce: Empowering All.” At Tierra, this rings true. As part of our values, vision, and mission, we believe, without a doubt, that all individuals have the potential to become productive citizens who are accepted, included and valued for the contributions they make to the economic, civic and cultural vitality of the community. I know that you believe this, too! However, while WE believe this, statistics prove otherwise. The unemployment rate for people with disabilities still hovers at around 75%. Let that sink in, 75% unemployment.

Valued employment is a means to free the individuals we serve from poverty, which is why, every day, Tierra is actively searching to create meaningful partnerships with businesses, corporations, and nonprofits that support this belief. Presently, 31 businesses have officially partnered with Tierra, providing 111 individuals with competitively paid positions. We express our deepest gratitude to our collaborative business partners, who are paving the way and proving that individuals with disabilities are hireable and capable of contributing to the economy. While we are proud of these remarkable accomplishments, I also want to extend a challenge – does your current workforce reflect the true diversity of your community, including those with disabilities? If it doesn’t, contact me and let me know how I can help you to help those we serve. Together, we can tear down these staggering unemployment rates, and in turn, launch people out of poverty and into positions of value and acceptance.


Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags Magic Mountain, the thrill capital of the world, is one of Tierra’s most prolific partners, employing 12 individuals from Tierra’s Workforce Development Program throughout the park. “We’re always busy and there’s always something exciting to do,” shares Kelsey Griffin, who recently celebrated her five year work anniversary alongside co-worker, Jose Villalpando, who is also supported by Tierra. From employees, such as Connie Torres and Angelica Acevedo who work in Human Resources, to the other skilled staff who are members of the park associates, food preparation, gift shop and maintenance/beautification teams, Tierra clients do it all. Whether it’s days, evenings or weekends, these hard-working individuals can be found in almost any part of the 262-acre amusement park, experiencing the thrill of a lifetime—meaningful employment!



The Discovery Cube Science Center

Valued partner, Discovery Cube Science Center LA, the educational hands-on museum for children, has launched two new internships! Historically, the Cube has hired several of Tierra’s professional volunteers to work during the holiday season to assist with exhibitions, greeting museum-goers, and administrative and clerical duties in their executive offices. While continuing to do this, the Discovery Cube has also agreed to host two paid, six-month internships in their maintenance department. Employees, Russell Maycumber, and Wesley Reid, will learn critical skills needed to build their resumes with the hope of gaining permanent employment in the future. We salute these gentlemen and wish them luck in their new internships. We also thank the Discovery Cube Science Center LA for partnering with Tierra to employ people with disabilities within their workforce.

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