Executive Director’s Message

101612---Rebecca-PictureTierra’s message is for our entire community…and it is quite a large audience.

For a young person with a disability and meeting life’s challenges, we want to honor your character and commitment.  We want to encourage you to believe in a life that can be full and rich with possibilities.

For families who are devoted to the welfare of a child with a disability, we want to encourage you to believe in a world of possibilities where your son or daughter can grow into a full productive contributing member of the community.  Your child can have a life with friends and value.  You and your child will find that Tierra is your partner on this life’s journey.

To the employer community, we want to share with you some of the successes of your fellow employers.  We have hundreds of stories accumulated over twenty years of successful partnerships with community employers.  We want to encourage you to consider new and innovative ways to reach your company’s goals.

For our community as a whole, we want to share with you this simple and yet amazingly powerful truth.  That each and every member of our community-regardless of the notion of ability or disability- possesses within them the ability and desire to contribute, to belong, to participate in their community.  They add to the value of our community through service, through the arts, through fellowship of all kinds.

We want to encourage each one of you to be on the lookout for opportunities to enable someone to participate in your life.  We want you to share some of the value and contributions that you make:  if you do, I can promise you a fresh and inspirational look at life that will stay with you for the remainder of your life.

– Rebecca Lienhard, Executive Director