Art Careers and Empowerment: Marie Grace Pedrigal

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pon introduction to Tierra del Sol, Marie identified herself as a deaf weaver. Like a musician is to an instrument, this artist is to her loom. With infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment, Marie Grace Pedrigal lives to work on her 36” inch floor loom.
Her artwork comes from a deep personal narrative. Whether she creates paintings and ceramics, or scarves and tapestries, she does so with an obsessive dedication to telling her story: Her love for weaving.

By utilizing mobile applications to draft and design intricate patterns, Marie’s work is at the intersec-tion of technology and art. Her instinct for color and imaginative design extends beyond the loom. Marie’s draw-ings center around her creative practice, her paintings illustrate landscapes of colors that tie into the yarn that warps the loom. She creates a foundation that reflects the beauty around her. Noting time of day, season, light and shadow, Marie Grace illustrates her dreamscapes and lived experiences.

This artist has, more than any before her, directed her own path. Sunland Studio Arts was growing, but the trajectory was uncertain. Marie anticipated the new direction, injected her passion, and quickly drew the attention of other artists. She began showing others the process, inspiration, and results of beautiful creations from fibers. She warped simple looms, and shared with admirers how they could weave some-thing beautiful from seemingly plain materials. With the same patience and enthusiasm, she would teach American Sign Language to others so that they could learn her language and the vocabulary of the textile arts. Encouragement through facial gestures, body language, and visuals, Marie Grace Pedrigal shows that there are no barriers when it comes to creative expression. “There has always been interest in fibers but starting a textile studio didn’t seem plausible until I met Marie. She is the expert we needed, and she has a way of making you believe that you can achieve anything,” says Maria Jones, Program Director of Sunland Studio Arts.

Sunland Studio Arts is a progressive art studio that supports artists to find passion, and venues to share their individual point of view. Art-ists work in fine arts, ceramics, and a new textile studio. Workshops and classes will be offered in each of these areas; come learn from artists who are passionate about the arts, like weaver, Marie Pedrigal.

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