Tierra Del Sol Board of Directors

L to R: Front Row: Elisabeth Stimson, Chloe Houghton, Pat Moore, Jan Maseda, Karren McClenahan Middle Row: Kyle Stoutland, Steve Maseda, Dan Taay, Back Row: Dave Gilman, Marc Littman, Matt Chase, Peter Koetters. Not shown: Vinod Assomull, MD, Michael Blumenfield, MD, Matt Kamin, Elizabeth Likes, Greg Eisenman, Bill Van Laningham
  • Bill Van Laningham
    Bill Van Laningham

    Marketing Director
    Los Angeles Newspaper Group, Los Angeles Daily News

  • Chloe Houghton
    Chloe Houghton

    Tierra del Sol Client

  • Dan Taay
    Dan Taay Chair

    Chief Executive Officer
    Technicolor Federal Credit Union

  • Dave Gilman
    Dave Gilman

    General Manager
    Hamer Toyota

  • Elisabeth Stimson, SPHR
    Elisabeth Stimson, SPHR Secretary

    Human Resources Director (retired)
    Gothic Landscape, Inc.

  • Elizabeth Likes
    Elizabeth Likes

    Likes Accounting

  • Greg Eisenman
    Greg Eisenman

    Assistant Vice President

  • Jan Maseda
    Jan Maseda

    Lutheran Social Services of Southern California

  • Karren McClenahan
    Karren McClenahan Member at Large Executive Committee


  • Kyle Stoutland
    Kyle Stoutland

    Private Banking Officer
    Wells Fargo Company

  • Marc Littman
    Marc Littman

    Communications Consultant
    Marc Littman Strategic Communications

  • Matt Chase
    Matt Chase Vice Chair

    Executive Vice President
    Bolton & Company

  • Matt Kamin
    Matt Kamin

    Member, Envision Consulting

  • Michael Blumenfield, M.D.
    Michael Blumenfield, M.D.

    Psychiatrist and Consultant
    Private Practice

  • Pat Moore
    Pat Moore First Vice President

    Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.

  • Peter Koetters M.D.
    Peter Koetters M.D.

    Chief of Staff, Physician Valley Presbyterian Hospital

  • Stephen Maseda
    Stephen Maseda Treasurer

    Maseda & Associates

  • Vinod Assomull, M.D.
    Vinod Assomull, M.D.

    Managing Partner, Renal Consultants Group

Tierra Del Sol Leadership

L to R: Front Row: Rebecca Lienhard, Gabriella Sanchez, Rebecca Hamm, Nancy Bissonette-Andrew, Cathy Galarneau, Back Row: Anne Marie Rosenstein, Teresa Rathsam.
  • Rebecca Lienhard
    Rebecca Lienhard Chief Executive Officer
  • Nancy Bissonette-Andrew
    Nancy Bissonette-Andrew Chief Clinical Officer
  • Anne Marie Rosenstein
    Anne Marie Rosenstein Chief Financial Officer
  • Catherine Galarneau
    Catherine Galarneau Chief Development Officer
  • Teresa Rathsam
    Teresa Rathsam Senior Regional Director of Programs and Services
  • Rebecca Hamm
    Rebecca Hamm Director of Arts and Enterprise
  • Gabriela Rojo-Sanchez
    Gabriela Rojo-Sanchez Senior Regional Director of Programs and Services

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