Celebrating Volunteerism!

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“Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation’s compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain loving one another.” – Erma Bombeck

For the past three decades, Tierra del Sol associates have volunteered their time to over 160 partnering non-profits. Challenging the historical notion that men and women with disabilities are dependent and/or in need of custodial care, Tierra volunteers not only create a stronger community through their dedication and hard work, but they also prove every day that those with developmental disabilities, can and do, make a tremendous difference in the lives of others with no other expectations than to be treated with dignity and equality in return.

In 2006, Tierra’s leadership team came to two dramatic conclusions that shaped the direction our associates would take to achieve true community immersion. First, Tierra associates should have a volunteer position that allocates 50% of their time to the community. And secondly, associates who spent most of their days on Tierra’s Sunland campus should transition to community-based life through volunteerism. While incredibly advantageous and not without challenges, our https://winters.com/propecia-1mg/ foundation moved forward and professional volunteerism became an essential component of Tierra’s Workforce Development programs and services.
Our Associates who volunteer for Meals on Wheels delivered over 7,950 meals to isolated seniors and other homebound individuals this past year, thanks to our partnerships with the Alicia Broadous Duncan Center and the Salvation Army!
Today, Tierra associates volunteer their time and services to help some of the most financially devastated and resource-deficient communities.
“We rely heavily on our volunteers to keep this place running. That is a fact. As the Nutritional Director, I can tell you that our partnership with Tierra allows us to continue to serve seniors every day; I see it firsthand. Tierra volunteers do it all, and they keep the whole operation going.” – Tammy Reese Williams, Nutritional Director, Alicia Broadus Duncan Center
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