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Jesse Sales, Ethan Deane, and Josie Hernandez are making a difference in their own backyard and earning quite a reputation in their community.  Volunteering five days a week for the Canoga Park Improvement Association (CPIA), this hardworking trio has been beautifying the historic old town Canoga Park strip for over a year now, impressing the community at large – from local business owners to passersby.


“We really wanted to make this site work for Jesse, Ethan, and Josie.  Not only was it the perfect opportunity to get them involved in their own community, but it essentially reduced their commute by 175 miles each day!” explains Lelani Dixon, Tierra Program Director of Future Quest Behavior Services.


“It took time to develop this partnership, but our volunteers proved they could do the job.  Over time, they went from working one day a week to five days a week.  Now, when I see these three out there, it makes me so proud!  They really are making a difference and the quality of their lives has improved tremendously” shares Duane Galila, Tierra Client Services Manager.


When asked what it’s like working with Jesse, Ethan, and Josie, Teena Iversen, CPIA Supervisor of Volunteers, exclaims, “They are absolutely great!  They take on so many projects, even the ones that require extra attention, and they get the job done.  To anyone who is considering working with Tierra Volunteers, do it.  They are dedicated and reliable and I look forward to seeing them every week.  They work hard and put their hearts into it.”

Believe it or not, once Jesse, Ethan, and Josie complete their morning at CPIA, they head over to the Guadalupe Community Center Center Thrift Store, where they sort donations, greet customers and tend to a multitude of much-needed tasks.  Now, that’s how you give back and make the world a better place.

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