Congratulations, Grads!

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Through Tierra’s College to Career Program, over 178 students receive academic and professional mentoring at California State University Northridge, College of the Canyons, Glendale Community College, and Los Angeles City, Valley, Mission, and Pierce Colleges, as well as West Valley Occupational Center. This year, we had a number of graduates who, through an innovative individualized model, have earned certificates and degrees in fields that match their goals and interests and will ultimately result in meaningful employment. Several students are even headed back to the classroom for their Master’s degree in the coming year!

Let’s give a round of applause to these remarkable individuals who have exhibited tenacity, excellence, and dedication in their academic careers. Congratulations to each of you. You can do anything!

CSUN Bachelor’s Graduates

Roman Brown, B.S. in Computer Science

Luis Espinoza, B.A. in Sociology

David Garcia, B.A. in Animation

Andrea Gonzales, B.A. in Journalism

Henry Mathias, B.S. in Engineering

Cameron Miana, B.A. in Psychology

Antonio Santana, B.S. in

Geographic Information System

Koko Takavorian, B.A. in Sociology

Pedro Yac, B.A. in Animation

CSUN Associate Graduates

Cesar Bernal

Jarod Tio

Erika Zuniga

Los Angeles Mission College

Logan Breidert

Kevin Creel

Manuel Cunguslu

Carlos Del Cid

College of the Canyons

Frank Peters

Joseph Romero

Gavin Sanches

Los Angeles Valley College

Joshua Nehoray

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