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Social Bridging

A multi-layered project in collaboration with photographer Ramak Fazel interrogating the business card as an object of social currency and interpersonal exchange. Through an innovative model of collaboration, this project attempts to facilitate access in an industry where contacts can mean the difference between potential success, on one hand, and being mired in the limbo of perpetual emergence, on the other. Claremont Art Center studio artists have an opportunity to strengthen their own agency as cultural producers by leveraging Fazel’s network of contacts built between 1994 – 2009. Additionally, participating artists will conceptualize and utilize their own business cards as an important tool in professional networking.

Social Bridging exists in three parts:

1. 17 Claremont Art Center studio artists have made new work based on Fazel’s collection of 633 business cards from his archive entitled Milan Unit*, using the cards as references in whatever way he/she saw fit. The resulting works, which offer fascinating tangential relationships to their source material, are on display in the exhibition.

2. Fazel worked with 15 Claremont Art Center artists to design their own business cards, which they will be distributing in person at the opening reception to contacts both new and familiar. The cards act as a vehicle of self-advocacy and help to shape the perception of first impressions. Visitors are encouraged to try and collect cards from all 15 artists to complete the set.

3. Over the course of the next year, Fazel will operate as a sort of “advocate in residence” and work to access and leverage his international network of contacts in order to create opportunities for Claremont Art Center artists to achieve new career landmarks through exhibitions, publications, collaborations, etc. Stay tuned for ongoing developments.


Leul Asfaw, Tony Barnes, Catherine Benita, Katie Bristol, Terra Clendening, Marcelle Desrosiers, Patrick Dwyre, Victor Frias, Vicky Gutierrez, Evan Hynes, Jonathan Jackson, Chelsea Lenninger, Eric Lue, John Lund, Jackie Marsh, Bill Marshall, Katie Mendoza, Nathan Murri, Brian Ono, Aida Pleytez, Vicente Siso, Michael Triplett & Joe Zaldivar


Tile Show 2017 featuring John Peterson.

Now in its 27th annual iteration, the Tile Show continues to demonstrate the limitless nature of human creativity as artists from the Claremont Art Center and local community each begin with a uniform 7″ x 7″ ceramic slab and arrive at destinations that can neither be predicted nor duplicated. Tile Show2017 will also feature new ceramic sculpture by emerging studio artist John Peterson.

Peterson has been gaining recognition for his unmistakable steeple-like ceramic towers and head sculptures. Peterson engages with the grid as a mode of abstraction in the least rigid of styles. Geometric forms and mark-making are contrasted by oozing glazes and sensuously rounded corners. He has also been expanding on this repertoire of elegantly odd forms through constant and adventuresome experimentation with surprisingly inventive results.

Exhibition Dates: September 2nd – November 10th, 2017

First Street Gallery

250 West First Street, Suite 120

Claremont, CA 91711

Gallery Hours: M-F, 9:30am – 5:00