Family Members of Regional Center Consumers AND Consumers over 65

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This article is to share resources only. It is not intended to encourage or discourage you from receiving the vaccine. It is informational only.

Please know that if you are in either Phase 1A or Phase 1B, Tier 1, then you are eligible to get your vaccination now if you should choose to get it.

Again, here are the eligible categories as of January 20, 2021:

• Healthcare workers (HCWs) at high and moderate risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus through their work in any role in health care or long-term care settings. High and moderate risk means the HCW has direct or indirect contact with patients or infectious materials (Phase 1A)

• Long-term care facility residents (Phase 1A)

• Persons age 65 and over (Phase 1B Tier 1)

The link you will need to make your appointment is:

An appointment must be made at one of LA County’s Points of Dispensing through the county’s website. To schedule an appointment for vaccination, please go to

You will need:

1. A form from your Regional Center Service Coordinator that verifies the qualifying diagnosis (this may be printed or displayed digitally on a phone, tablet, etc.)

2. Photo ID

The eligibility as a family member can be ascertained by documentation from your Service Coordinator, which will provide verification of the qualifying condition of the member of your household who has an intellectual or developmental disability. You may also choose to utilize your existing medical records if you have those readily available.

Here are is a map with all of the LA County sites.

They even have drive-up clinics! Here is an example at CSUN.

This message is to share resources only. This message is not intended to be considered a mandate to receive the vaccine. As this is a personal decision only you can make, it needs to be an informed choice. If you or your loved one needs additional resources to better educate yourself on the types of vaccines, risks and benefits, as well as other useful information, please see the Department of Developmental Services’ website at If you would like to speak with a family who has received the vaccine, please let us know. We have families who are willing to talk to you about your concerns.

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