Sarit Halo

Sarit Halo’s enormous body of work quickly captivates viewers with a consistent demonstration of colorful imagination, specific illustrative style and playful imagery. She translates imagery from [...]

Mary Lou Dimsdale

Mary Lou Dimsdale is a painter who knows no boundaries when it comes to creating. Pulling inspiration out of anything from her own imagination to everyday scenes, Dimsdale carefully composes each [...]

Marlena Arthur

Marlena Arthur’s art in mediums both two and three dimensional is heavily influenced by the appreciation of clean, illustrative stylization and bold coloring in cartoons and animated films. She [...]

Julia Hagen-Brenner

Julia Hagen-Brenner is a fine artist who enjoys exploring different media including marker, acrylic paint, watercolor, color pencil and pastel. She is enthusiastic about sharing her passion for [...]