Become a Tierra del Sol Family

We’d love the opportunity to meet you and your family member, and have you learn about our services to determine if one of them seems like the right fit.

For more information about our College to Career Program, please contact Aaron Riner, NEXUS Intake Coordinator, at: (818) 679-6230 or

For more information about our Workforce Development and San Fernando Valley Careers in the Arts Programs, please contact Jacquie Williams, Intake Coordinator, at (818) 415-8669 or

For more information about our Claremont Careers in the Arts Program, please contact Rebecca Hamm, Director of Arts and Enterprise at: (909) 626-5455 or

Becoming a Tierra Del Sol Family


Tierra has developed a unique set of programs and services throughout the multiple catchment areas of Los Angeles County Regional Centers’ region.  If you are unsure of which regional center to contact to request a referral to our agency, please go to

Interviews and Observation

Tierra believes in the ‘goodness of fit’ for each person with whom we work.  In order to determine if we can be that match, we conduct a thorough review of the information provided in the written referral packet, along with multiple interviews and observations, in order for both parties to make an informed decision.

Program Selection

There are multiple pathways to employment within our diverse array of programs and services.  During the final informed decision-making process, each person accepted will be aligned with, not only career interests, but all of the supports/services that meet the individual’s unique areas of strengths, safety skills and professional work skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be considered for enrollment if I am affiliated with a regional center?

Interested prospective clients/families should request that their regional center Consumer Services Coordinator (CSC) send a referral packet to the appropriate Tierra del Sol Intake Coordinator for formal consideration.

How can I be considered for enrollment if I am NOT affiliated with a regional center?

Private pay arrangements can be made for prospective clients who are not affiliated with a regional center. Interested prospective clients/families should contact the appropriate Tierra del Sol Intake Coordinator for formal consideration.

How can I register for a college campus tour or general information session?

Contact Aaron Riner for college campus tours at (818) 679-6230 or, and Jacquie Williams for general information sessions at: (818) 415-8669 or

How do I know which program is right for my son/daughter?

We recommend registering for a general information session with our Intake Coordinator, who can give you an overview of our programs.

How does the intake process work?

Tierra’s Referral Review Team is committed to conducting a thorough review of each referral received, which can include additional fact-finding, interviews, and observations, before a final decision is made regarding goodness of fit ultimately leading to acceptance or denial. We want to feel confident that we can effectively meet the individual’s needs, and that the prospective client and family feel that our services are a good match. We feel strongly that the prospective client must express/demonstrate interest in and motivation/commitment to working toward identified goals, as well as to maintain consistent attendance. We also believe that a strong partnership among Tierra staff, client and family/caregiver to empower the client to achieve a valued role as a contributing adult member of the community is a key component to the individual’s success.

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