Important Message from Tierra’s CEO! This message contains information pertaining to the COVID-19 and Omicron variant surge impacting Tierra’s programs and services.

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While we hope you all had a safe, healthy, and happy holiday, we have come to the realization that 2022 has arrived with its own set of challenges…the Omicron variant. Tierra del Sol is beginning to feel the impact of the surge with positive cases across all departments.  In response, we have activated creative decision-making by our program leadership for each individual served at Tierra. Safety is our number one priority. If we are not cautious, we will suffer greater levels of staff absences which in turn, will have a greater impact on our service delivery.

As we end almost two years of this pandemic, I fully understand the fatigue that sits right at the surface of all of that we do. Understanding this deep level of fatigue, as well as the important need for the safety of both staff and associates alike, Tierra del Sol is working with each person’s schedule to ensure that quality and safe services can be delivered.

Additionally, and unfortunately, we have to account for the staff shortages as well. In the end, this means that some folks will be returning to full remote services, while others will remain in a hybrid model of service. These will be day-by-day decisions dependent on safety and staffing constraints. Please be assured that we are doing everything possible. We appreciate your understanding and your support over the next few weeks of this surge and we pray for a downward curve of the infection rate soon. As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have.

Stay safe. Stay well!

Rebecca Lienhard
Chief Executive Officer

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