More than 330,000 Californians with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities live in our state; they are our neighbors, classmates, coworkers, family, and friends; however, their support structure has been grossly underfunded and is failing. Direct support staff are quitting the field or working multiple jobs due to low wages, essential programs are closing throughout the state, and individuals are forced to live with inadequate supports or without supports at all.

Below are ways you can get involved TODAY and let your voice be heard!

Click here to find your Legislator and send a letter

  • Set up an appointment with the Member. More than likely, you will be connected with a staffer within his/her office.  This is ok.  Ask for a card when leaving the appointment.
  • Follow up the appointment with a Thank you Note immediately. Two weeks later, send another note asking if there is any additional information that may be needed to make this a priority for the coming fiscal year.

Sample Letter for Parents/Family Members

Sample Letter for Direct Staff Professionals

California State Assembly Meeting

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