Left and Right Hand by Mary Lou Dimsdale at Tierra’s Gallery!

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is proud to present:

Left and Right Hand by Mary Lou Dimsdale

Reception Saturday, November 9, 6 – 9 PM
November 9 – December 20, 2019

Mary Lou Dimsdale engages the world through brightly colored, layered imagery creating a unique visual language that she codifies with text. Most of her paintings contain the presentation of her name that exceeds its identifying role as a maker to become a specific codex detailing an important aesthetic element of her practice. Dimsdale uses this connection between her name and the world at large as an axis point around which her visual interpretations of ideas, figures, and images come into focus, and share deeper emotional content with the viewer.

Like Barbara Kruger, another California artist who uses text, Dimsdale’s written content helps her explore issues around identity. She situates herself – through the placement of her name – to themes of gender and domesticity, labor and play. A closer investigation of this varied placement demonstrates Dimsdale’s skill at using text to highlight the graphic nature of her work, following the tradition of many cubist modernist painters.

Dimsdale is inspired by home décor and quotidian scenes she finds in magazines which she extrapolates and distills with special attention to line and color. Other work features human figures and details of anatomy, particularly hands and faces. Like her use of text, these hands are often her own, and she is reminding us of her awareness of her creativity and autonomy as a maker, yet she makes space for a conversation and deep engagement from the viewer. Dimsdale’s hands and faces therefore become an invitation to enter and explore her rich imagination with her, giving the work aspects of a thoughtful social practice.

Tierra del Sol Gallery is proud to feature the work of Mary Lou Dimsdale, a mature artist, who discovered her talent for painting in her sixties. The gallery is excited to share her contributions to our curatorial vision with her first solo exhibition opening November 9, 2019.

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