Meet Cassie Eriksen! Celebrating with Art, Animals and Communication

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Since coming to Tierra just one year ago, Cassie Eriksen has not only earned a reputation as a skilled Fiber Artist, she’s also become the number one client animal caregiver at Tierra’s farm, and a valued teaching assistant to fellow artists in Tierra’s sign language program.

A multi-talented 23-year old who joined Tierra’s Careers in the Arts Program after discovering her passion for textiles while attending Miller Career and Transition Center, Cassie has become a prolific embroiderer, weaver and knitter. Since adding sewing to her skillset, Cassie has been busy making themed ballet costumes for Tierra’s fashion show, an event she helped with, behind the scenes,” last year.

“When Cassie sets her mind to doing something, she does it with amazing focus and creativity,” tells Garland McCutcheon, Art Instructor. “She has brought more than one project home to finish it on the weekends, and exhibits an incredible amount enthusiasm in whatever she does.”

Productivity has paid off for Cassie, who has sold over eight textile works since coming to Tierra!

“I use my paychecks to buy my own supplies, so I can work on projects at home,” shares Cassie. “And, I am most proud of my tapestry, called, ‘Animals in the Moonlight Sun.’”

An avid animal lover, Cassie spends several days a week assisting at Tierra’s Farm, where she helps Farm Manager, Betina Loudermilk, tend to over 40 animals. Having ridden horses when she was younger, Cassie is comfortable with the Equestrian environment, and loves taking care of the animals, as well as showing fellow Tierrans how to halter a horse.

“I love being at Tierra,” tells Cassie. “Not only because I am given the chance to do I enjoy, but also because I’m given guidance to experience and learn new things.”


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