Believe and Trust That Anything is Possible

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Tierra’s programs and services have evolved over the years, empowering men and women to go into the community and apply themselves as professional volunteers and/or paid employees. However, the concept of going out into the world can be daunting, and many guardians and family members fear that this kind of transition just isn’t possible for their loved one. The Giraco family had these fears when their son/brother, James, transitioned to a community-based, volunteer schedule.

Maria Giraco, James’ sister, shares, “For years, James was under the protective wing of all things Tierra. Suddenly, he was being nudged out of the nest, and we were apprehensive by the lack of a safety net underneath. Our fear was the biggest challenge, not his.”

It wasn’t overnight, and it took work on the part of both Tierra staff and family, but a year later, James is thriving. Tierra Coach, Manny Grajeda, shares, “Volunteering in the community has empowered James, and for the first time in his life, he is using Access transportation and loves it!” And for James’ Father, Gabriel, “That’s what’s most important to us, that James is happy.”

Perhaps the most inspiring lesson any of us can learn from the Giraco family is how important it is to trust and believe in your loved ones. Maria’s advice? “Believe wholeheartedly that your brother, sister, daughter, or son may be singularly labeled, but they are absolutely NOT limited. Do not allow your own uneasiness to keep your loved one from flourishing. Have faith, be emboldened, and know that change is good, especially for those we love the most.”

From left to right: Gabriel Giraco, Nick Vega, James Giraco, Mauricio Palacios, Evan Babcock and Tierra Coach, Manny Grajeda


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