The Second Annual Donor Appreciation Reception for Tierra’s Circle of Inspiration Members

Committee Picture
The committee, pictured (L to R), CEO Rebecca Lienhard, Tierra parents, Kevin & Pat Moore, Marc Littman, Karren McClenahan (chair), Jan & Steve Maseda, and CDO Cathy Galarneau.

A pleasant summer evening at Tierra’s beautiful Sunland Campus set the scene for its Annual Donor Appreciation Reception on Saturday, August 6th for members of Tierra’s Circle of Inspiration (COI). Founding and first-time COI members, guests and staff, gathered for a luau-themed celebration while dining on BBQ tri-tip, chicken, grilled vegetables and pineapple; and, enjoying the island sounds of Tropical Punch. The event marked the campaign’s second year of success, in continuing to provide a vital source of funding to ensure a strong foundation of sustainability for Tierra’s programs and services. Special honors were paid to both LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich and Chief of Staff, Kathryn Barger for their unwavering support of Tierra over the years.

Antonvich, CEG, Reb & Barger
Special honors were paid to both LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich and Chief of Staff, Kathryn Barger, for their unwavering support.

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Sunland Studio Arts Tile Show and Open House – A Success!

Many thanks to the individuals that participated in this year’s Sunland Studio Arts Tile Workshops and Show! It was wonderful to see so many beautiful faces on our campus on Saturday, July 16th, as we showcased hundreds of unique, handmade tiles created by individuals in the community. We hope you managed to get the tiles you wanted, but if you couldn’t make it out, OR, if you happen to be interested in purchasing more tiles, contact

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Tierra del Sol Featured on Fox 11 News

Tierra del Sol was featured on Fox 11 News, Good Morning LA. Gina Silva tours Tierra’s Sunland Job Training Campus and gives a firsthand report on our groundbreaking programs that prepare clients for jobs in their communities.


We Won! An important message from CEO, Rebecca Lienhard

ProtestorsYour voice was heard!!!! The Lanterman Coalition has been in a fight for the survival of the California Developmental Services system for well over a year now, and today, WE WON.

On Monday, February 29th, the Assembly (MCO = 61-16, DD Funding = unanimous) and the Senate (MCO = the needed 2 Republican votes, DD Funding = unanimous) passed the Two-bill Package in Support of People with Developmental Disabilities.

While the agreement didn’t achieve everything needed, it serves as a critically important step to provide relief now to stop the collapse of the community safety net and move towards a future of hope and full participation in communities across this state. This is a major victory for our community.

Now it is time to say “Thank you!”

If your legislator voted to help save our services and #KeepThePromise of the Lanterman Act, please thank them. Not sure if they did support us? Then ask them, call the office and find out. Send a personal note of ‘thanks’. Your legislators will appreciate the gesture.

Even though the governor hasn’t signed the deal yet (he will because he negotiated the legislation package), make sure to leave a simple thank message to our Secretary of Health and Human Services, Diana Dooley(916) 654-3454, and our Interim DDS Director, Mike Wilkening (916) 654-1897(916) 654-1897.

December 10th all across California people with developmental disabilities will be in the streets and in public meeting spaces!

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On December 10th all across California people with developmental disabilities will be in the streets and in public meeting spaces along with their families, friends and those who serve them. This date was circled long ago for rallies to bring greater public attention to the plight of nearly 300,000 of California’s most vulnerable citizens.

Their message is that their homes, their training and support programs that help them live and work in the community are dis-appearing. One residential program and one service organization at a time, the community safety net for the developmentally disabled is collapsing. These are the community-based services that have allowed California to close its inhumane and insanely expensive institutions in favor of community based services that assist people to become productive, contributing and valued community members. Their message is that the Legislature must act immediately to save remaining services and to begin re-storing the capacity of California’s safety net to protect and assist them.

But San Bernardino happened on December 2. It happened at the Inland Regional Center, a vital member of our developmen-tal disabilities community. Among the precious lives lost was Daniel Kaufman, a gentle man dedicated to helping others as a Job Coach for people with disabilities. Those of us in Los Angeles and surrounding counties who belong to the developmental disabilities community feel this tragedy deeply and we believe that the coming days should be devoted to messages and ac-tions expressing our sympathies and solidarity with all of the people who were directly affected by those awful events.

Consequently, the Los Angeles community will not be staging a public rally as part of the statewide day of action. Because over 100,000 people with developmental disabilities, their families and tens of thousands of their support workers reside in this ar-ea, Los Angeles will be conspicuous by its absence on this date.

The intention of this public statement is to say that all of us in Los Angeles and throughout this State stand as one. While we will spend the coming days healing and helping locally, we are fully committed to the statewide fight to preserve and protect our community-based safety net.

While the Governor makes his home in Sacramento, most of the leaders in our Legislature represent constituencies here in the Los Angeles area. We promise to be strong, vocal and persistent advocates in each of their offices until they understand the critical condition of services and act to save them.

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Tierra’s Fall Festival – A Celebration of Our Community!

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Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.31.32 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.20.38 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.16.31 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.29.51 PM

Music, delicious food, arts, scarecrows, pumpkins, games, and even a baby camel!  Tierra’s 13th Annual Fall Festival was an amazing day, filled with welcomed traditions, new experiences, and unforgettable memories.  To all those who attended on Saturday, October 17th, thank you for joining us!


 To our sponsors, volunteers, performers, staff, and Board of Directors, THANK YOU for your support and all that it did to make this event Tierra’s most successful Fall Festival ever!


 The vital funds raised at our annual fall festival further Tierra’s mission, allowing us to continue serving 675 men and women with developmental disabilities each day.  Together, we are changing challenges to opportunities and building a new world where everyone is valued for their abilities and contributions, regardless of the notion of disability.


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