Open Letter to Governor Newsom from the Developmental Disabilities Community Re: Values & Priorities in State Spending

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Act Now and urge the Governor to support an equitable future for Californians with disabilities by strengthening disability services and supports this year! It can’t wait!  CLICK HERE!

Dear Governor Newsom,

In solidarity with more than 430,000 Californians with developmental disabilities, we are advocating for the entire disability stakeholder community. We are self-advocates, parents and family members, service provider organizations and the direct support professional workforce, educators, employers, medical professionals, and the regional center service system all united as one to ask for your support.

For decades, disability services have been chronically underfunded. In 2019, a rate study commissioned by the State Legislature identified an ANNUAL gap of $1.8 Billion. With that information, the state established a path designed to honor the promise of the Lanterman Act, prioritizing the needs of our community with steps toward funding vital services and supports. Though this plan, the state of California promised to close the original funding gap with a final increase of $1 billion on July 1, 2024.

The proposal to delay that investment will have a devastating impact on the lives of Californians with disabilities, their families and the direct support workforce. As one of the largest delays or cuts in the proposed state budget, it sends a message that Californians with disabilities are not a priority to the state.

This disastrous proposal would only worsen the challenges the disability service system faces by weakening the already fragile direct support workforce shortage, reducing access to reliable services and decreasing opportunities for Californians with disabilities to live thier best life.

Californians with disabilities are relying on the state to keep its promise. This funding is critical to address the workforce crisis, improve access to services and supports and ensure that Californians with disabilities can THRIVE, not just survive. We need this funding on July 1, 2024 – it cannot wait any longer!

Californians with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve to be on a path to thrive, and pursue lives of impact, inclusion, dignity, and happiness.


Californians who care, and the following organizations:

#KeepThePromise #TheFurtureIncludesUs #DisabilityRights #InclusionForAll #CABudget #IDDPathtoThrive

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