PLAN A GIFT that transforms lives

When you support Tierra del Sol, you empower people with developmental disabilities to fulfill their potential and lead a life of value, dignity and purpose. There are many simple, yet meaningful, ways to help your loved one and others, while making an impact for the future. You can play a vital role in changing the way people think about individuals with disabilities.  Please click below for details:

Estate Plan Gift

Beneficiary Designations

Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds Shared

Special Needs Trust

Legacy of Love Society

To learn more about ways to partner with Tierra del Sol and make a difference for the individuals, families, and communities we serve, please contact:

Cathy Galarneau
Chief Development Officer
(818) 352-1419 x.268

Elisabeth and Milt Stimson share, “We added Tierra as a beneficiary in our will because, as parents, we feel it is up to us to ensure that Tierra is around to serve people with developmental disabilities—long after we’re gone. Having the distinction of being started by parents, it is only natural that parents should help ensure Tierra’s long-term future for our sons and daughters. We believe in Tierra’s values and hope others will continue to support Tierra with a plan that’s right for them, their loved one and Tierra’s future.”

A Legacy of Love from Armand and Diane Ouellette

Thanks to the foresight and generosity of Armand Ouellette, Tierra del Sol was the recent recipient of a bequest made possible through a Special Needs Charitable Remainder Trust.

Armand, a devoted and loving single father, always wanted the best for his only child, Diane, who was born with a developmental disability. When she entered adulthood, Armand realized that Diane needed a place where she could make friends and create a life of her own. Upon learning of Tierra del Sol, he knew that’s where Diane was meant to be. Over the next two decades, Diane thrived at Tierra, making friends, learning to sew, and interacting daily with the caring and committed staff.

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