Campus Services

Sunland Campus Services

Tierra’s 7.2 acre campus is in the rural community of Shadow Hills at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles county. The campus functions much like a community college with focused instruction in a wide variety of vocational areas, adult life skills, social/recreational and artistic expression. In addition to campus based learning, all participants are invited to participate in Tierra’s structured community volunteerism programs at a variety of nearby community organizations. Employment, volunteer opportunities and personal interest activities such as performing arts events, swimming, creation of fine art in studio atmospheres and art exhibitions are offered to assist people to find their true gifts and innate abilities and to pursue a rewarding life. Teresa Rathsam is the point of contact for our Sunland Campus Services.

Download the Sunland Campus Brochure

Employment Training

Tierra offers challenging on-the-job training in a variety of work settings with high standards and expectations: food service, custodial, farm maintenance, and vehicle detailing.  Our training and volunteer programs support a variety of skill building opportunities both on campus and in the community.  Work skills are trained in a variety of vocational classes that highlight customer service, quality assurance and productivity.  Advanced interview classes are offered in preparation for employment/ community lifestyle.

Interpersonal Communication

These courses equip participants to successfully express their interests and personality.  The ultimate goal is to build friendships and meaningful relationships.

  • Practical Communication for Everyone – A beginning course that introduces picture, gestural and verbal communication skills.
  • Social Skills for a Rich Social Life – A course that builds verbal and nonverbal abilities to converse with and enjoy the company of others.  Includes role-playing typical social situations.

Healthy Lifestyles

  • Healthy Lifestyles – Communicates the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, making good food choices, exercising daily and taking good care of yourself.
  • Aquatics – Year-round swim program with swim level graduated stretching and water aerobics.
  • Rhythm and Music – Provides students the opportunity to increase their knowledge and motor development through the use of various instruments and rhythm.
  • Aztec Dance – Teaches the Aztec culture through the discovery of dance, costumes, history and music.

Personal Interest Classes

  • Art – Classes for all levels of artists to work with a variety of materials in order to find their personal means of expression. Visit the Sunland Studio Art page.
  • Ceramics – Introduction to the use of clay, including hand development and glazing.
  • Computers – Basics of computer and Internet usage, with use of computers for educational and communication purposes.
  • Other Classes – Gardening, Music Appreciation, Horse Grooming, Animal Care, ESL and Jewelry/Gift Making