Living Independently

Tierra’s in-home training and support services assist people to live as independently as possible.  Our programs include assistance in finding affordable apartments as well as handling the challenges of living independently.  Staff make regular visits to help people handle the challenges of living independently or to help those preparing to move out of a family home into a home of their own. Jenn Prince is the contact person.

Training areas include but are not limited to:

  • Money Management/Consumer Awareness/Budgeting
  • Food Management (Cooking, Grocery Shopping, etc.)
  • Health (Preventive, Medical Appointments, Medication Management, etc.)
  • Housing (Finding a place to live, Housekeeping, etc.)
  • Transportation (Public Transportation Training, Preparing for DMV test, etc.)
  • Educational Planning (Enrolling in Colleges, Adult Ed, Computer Literacy etc.)
  • Job Seeking and Maintenance Skills (Developing a Resume, Work Issues, etc.)
  • Emergency and Safety Skills (Earthquake/Fire/Disaster Preparedness, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Community and Generic Resources (Legal, SSA/SSI issues, etc.)
  • Interpersonal Skills (Expanding circle of support, meeting new friends, etc.)