Sunland Studio Arts

Tierra’s Fine Art Program operates with the belief that creativity and artistic expression are not limited to physical or developmental challenges. Tierra offers professional instruction, encouraging students to develop their own personal style and self-expression. Through artistic development, there is no limit to the level of expressive accomplishment a person can achieve.

Tierra’s Art Programs include the First Street Gallery Art Center in Claremont, and Sunland Studio Arts. Trained and practicing artists mentor these programs and facilitate in professional practices. The programs include painting, drawing, ceramics, mixed media and sculpture.


Tierra provides a studio artist workspace, materials,  instruction and a wide variety of media to explore. Artists  choose their own subject matter and media, to best enhance  their visual intent. Each artist brings to the studio diverse  experiences, backgrounds and skill levels. By encouraging  them to find their own style, these artists enter a visual  dialogue and share the language of visual arts.

Professional practices are applied through portfolio    preparation, marketing strategies, and exhibition  development. Support of artist growth is given through visits to  galleries, museums, and artists’ studio visits.

Artists with Tierra’s Sunland Art Studio produce new exhibitions of artwork year round. Artists participate in exhibitions nationwide, collaborate with other art programs, and utilize diverse viewing opportunities such as commercial galleries, corporate and public spaces.

Purchases of art may be made directly in our studios. The sales have allowed some of the artists working in our studio to realize that their ambitions can be pursued as a viable career in visual arts.  Please contact us to schedule a visit.


Become a collector!  Purchase original artwork from Sunland Studio Artists by visiting our online gallery.  For more information on how to purchase art or to schedule a southern California tour of our studio, contact our Art Coordinator at

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