Snyder Appointed to Newsom’s IDD/Aging Work Group

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Congratulations to Julie Snyder who was appointed to Governor Newsome’s LA County Intellectual and Developmental Disability/Aging Work Group. As Tierra’s Life Planner and Aging Specialist, Julie played an instrumental role in composing “Input on the California Master Plan on Aging: Barriers and Recommendations to Ensure Adults with Developmental Disabilities can Access Aging Services.” The report provides a compelling case for services and Tierra’s work to help those that we serve overcome the barriers they face to access aging services.


“The core of this report was developed from Tierra’s years of first-hand experience and the challenges we’ve faced from being in the trenches with our families. The many times we were in and out of hospitals, the funerals, sitting by someone’s side, planning and listening, the many tears shed, the opportunities for education and trainings, all of this is what has given this document it’s foundation,” share Julie, who was humbled and proud to be a part of such a significant task force.


Our work-group is extremely grateful to Tierra for the stories and the first hand experiences they were able to share….for being an agency unlike any others. stated Chris Arroyo, LA Regional Manager for the State Council on Developmental Disabilities. Without their input, we would not have been able to write this document.”


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