Tierra’s Satisfaction Survey and Message from CEO

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Dear Tierra Friends and Supporters,

I proudly present a snapshot of our annual satisfaction report for the calendar year 2022. We work to achieve our mission to champion inclusion and value for all people with disabilities through creative pathways to employment, education, and the arts. We have developed a broad array of Workforce Development Programs, including competitively paid employment and professional volunteerism opportunities, College-to- Career Programs, Careers in the Arts Programs, and Individualized Support Services. Since 2019, we have seen an associate growth of over 40%, from serving 566 associates to 780 associates in 2022!

For this year’s survey, we received 418 recorded responses. Of these, 240 were associate responses and 147 were family responses, leaving the remainder to our various funding agencies, such as Regional Center. In 2022, we partnered with 780 unduplicated associates with our supports and services that were as geo- graphically diverse, as they were ethnically and racially. Overall, 86.3% of the respondents gave Tierra an A or B score for their experience with our services.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you will continue to stand with us as we work to ensure that all people live productive and personally meaningful lives, regardless of the notion of disability.



Rebecca Lienhard
Chief Executive Officer


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