Time to Take Action – An Important Message from Tierra’s CEO

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This is the face of resilience! It fills my well when I connect twice a week with all of these lovely faces. In our calls, there is no demarcation between people who were born with disabilities and those born to serve them. Without prompting and without encouragement, each party finds a way to push forward into new beginnings and new tomorrows.

So how do I tell these same faces that the new revision of the Governor’s budget, called the May revise, is going to demand significant changes once again? People with disabilities and direct care staff work side-by-side daily to reach new tomorrows albeit on the backs of low wages, high turnover, and yes, even health crises like the coronavirus. Families contribute to our reserves each year just to keep the door open. There is no more room to give, and yet, the Governor is demanding that we find a way to cut anywhere from 5% to 14% off our budget, depending on the service. Cuts this deep translate to fewer hours of service being provided per person, per day. Cuts this deep mean changes to work shifts for https://junglefitnessoc.com/accutane-for-sale/ direct care staff.

In the end, cuts this deep break our agreement with each other – our agreement to provide well-trained, caring and quality staff, lower turnover rates, a bountiful cadre of resources/opportunities – all in an effort to champion inclusion and value for you, the people we serve.

Yet, there is one glimmer of light – all of these cuts are built with one trigger – new federal money.

In order for the May Revise to not become a reality, the new Federal funding package must be passed by the Senate. Regardless of your partisanship, your Congressperson or Senator needs to hear from you today. The White House needs to hear from you today.

Help us

Carve out 10 minutes of time to call your representatives TODAY .
10 minutes could save cutting 1 hour of service per day, per person.

Find your representative and senators here: https://www.govtrack.us/

Thank you for your efforts!
Rebecca Lienhard

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