To the Touch Curated by Karen Kimmel

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Featuring Works by Ericka Lopez, Marie Pedrigal, Trina Kirkman, and John Lund

Open for viewing
January 15th, 2022

Tierra del Sol Gallery is excited to present To The Touch, opening January 15, 2022, curated by artist and designer Karen Kimmel. The exhibition features collaborative textile pieces, an interactive installation of punch rug pillows, and highlights the work of artists Ericka Lopez, Marie Pedrigal, Trina Kirkman, and John Lund.

To The Touch is a result of the experience Kimmel has had working with artists at Tierra del Sol—a program that supports artists with physical and intellectual disabilities. For 4 years she has led a collaborative workshop at Tierra’s studios and been part of an ongoing creative exchange with over 30 artists. The beauty and inspiration of these creative exchanges has motivated the collaborative works in this exhibition, a series of five blooms in various states of blossoming.

Included with the collaborative pieces are the individual works of four Tierra del Sol artists: Ericka Lopez has learned through touch, listening, and a deep understanding of the power of her own hand to create colorful, sumptuous fiber and beaded pieces and hand-built ceramic sculptures. Marie Pedrigal, an artist of many media, expertly weaves and layers together textiles to create a potent patchwork that translates her visual and tactile senses into a resplendent wall hanging. Trina Kirkman, who also makes bold and colorful paintings, reveals her emotional connection and fascination to the natural world through fiber art, where complex patterns are woven from pastel pinks, blues, and lavender. John Lund channels his connection to the world in pieces layered with the evidence of an energetic and physical process driven by an appreciation of nature and his desire to express it in personal and artistic terms.

To The Touch develops from Kimmel’s enthusiasm of the sensuous, tactile experience of both making and experiencing art, and celebrates Tierra’s robust Studio program, which gives its artists the support and flexibility to create art that touches the body, stirs the mind, and comforts the spirit. To The Touch is also a tribute to the deeply moving, enlightening, and transformative creative exchange Kimmel and the artists of Tierra del Sol have shared, and they hope it can be an inspiration for how our art and design communities can be more informed and inclusive.

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