We Stand. We Rise.

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In creating change, there are times to speak softly and then there are those times where our voices need to be heard. As an agency, Tierra del Sol has stood, and will continue to stand, to defend inequalities against the populations we serve.

We have rallied, protested and together, we have risen up! As an organization, we are known to celebrate those we serve and those who serve them for their unique gifts and for their contributions to society. Now we firmly declare that we stand against any negative biases or discrimination in our society. We recognize that there are issues that are deeply rooted and require thoughtful and intentional change in our society.

Let it be known that we stand with those who have risen to find peaceful and sustaining resolutions to systemic inequality. We always have, and always will, value all individuals regardless of disability, race, and ethnicity.

In order to create a tomorrow where all of our citizens at the intersection of race, ethnicity, and disability have a rightful voice at the table and in the community, we must lead with our Values of Person-Centeredness, Honesty, Respect, Passion and Full Engagement. We must continue to stand on the side of justice and equality. We cannot tolerate anything less.


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