Workforce Development

Tierra del Sol offers individuals a variety of opportunities for career exploration and skill development with the goal of meaningful paid employment or professional volunteerism placement.

Paid Employment

Based on the individual’s identified career path, Tierra del Sol develops integrated employment opportunities for each viable candidate. These settings range from part-time, short-term skill-building jobs such as internships, to competitively-placed, regular work positions within multiple industries.

Know us by the company we keep! Get to know our paid-employment partners.

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Supported and Independent Work Models

Tierra del Sol offers employees and potential employers supported and independent work models, where job coaching at a 1:1, 1:3 or 1:4 staff to associate ratio are available.

Another pathway to competitive, integrated employment is through internship experiences. The goal of these experiences is for associates to learn transferable employment skills and ultimately be offered paid employment.

  • We see our partnership as a two-way street. When you hire a Tierra graduate, you get more than a well-trained person. You get a dedicated employee who wants to work and has the skills to perform at the level you need. You’ll diversify your current workforce, and you’ll be seen as a business and industry champion of hiring an underrepresented group of employees.

    Pegi Matsuda Consultant and Former Senior Vice President of Community Relations at Valley Presbyterian Hospital

Professional Volunteerism

Professional Volunteerism opportunities are geared towards individuals who desire additional career exploration or skill development. Our aim is to match an individual’s skills and interests with the right professional volunteerism experience. Get to know our many Professional Volunteerism partners! For more information on professional volunteerism, please contact Rebecca Leinhard.

“The Tierra del Sol Workforce Development program has had a very positive impact on our company. The Tierra associates working for us are enthusiastic and productive employees who have a positive impact on our workforce. Participating in this program has been one of the most rewarding initiatives we’ve been a part of, and I highly recommend it.” – Bill Van Laningham, Vice President of Marketing for the Southern California News Group and TDS Employment Partner

Employment Support Services

As part of our commitment to providing employment support for individuals served, we offer employment support services to ensure success. With Tierra’s innovative program “Excel”, our focus is on what it takes to become a good employee: customer service and communication, travel training and community safety. Developing meaningful and successful relationships with others is the focus of our Interpersonal Communication module of Excel. We also work with associates to develop strategies and tools to remain safe while navigating the community, managing health crises, and responding safely during emergency situations. For individuals looking to build their resumes, we offer experiences to help expand and demonstrate skill sets. Finally, a healthy employee is a happy employee! We offer guidance in developing tools and strategies to support a healthy lifestyle.

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Meet Jonathan DeLuna and Niko De Guzman


Prior to working in the main kitchen and alongside Hilton Los Angeles Universal City’s senior banquet team, Jonathan DeLuna and Niko De Guzman trained extensively for two weeks with Hilton’s Stewarding Supervisor, Vilma Cruz. Jonathan and Niko learned how to differentiate between 50 types of dishes and silverware, as well as how to operate large machinery that not only sanitizes the dishes, but polishes them as well. Vilma beams with pride when she talks about her first trainee, Jonathan, calling him “a firecracker” in the kitchen. “He’s number one. And, after I trained him, he became the teacher for all of our new staff.”

Nelson Ancheta, Hilton’s Assistant Executive Steward in the Stewarding Department, says that the best part about bringing Tierra associates on board is, “They listen and learn quickly. I trained them once, and now, they know exactly what to do. Jonathan and Niko are fast and remember what I tell them. They give 110%, and at Hilton, we value that above all else.” Nelson adds, “I even use them as an example of what excellence in customer service is at staff meetings.”

Both Tierra associates take their jobs seriously. When asked what Jonathan loves most about his position, he immediately replies, “The plates. I’m really fast at that. It gets busy, so I like organizing them and putting them away.” Niko interjects, “I prefer the silverware. I wasn’t good at first and had to work on it, but little by little, I improved. Now, I’m really fast.”

“My job makes me feel happy, calm, and great, because everyone is nice here,” continues Niko. “I like my job, and my pay check is good, but I like my job even more.” Jonathan shares, “I’m helping my family in the Philippines. I feel so proud telling them how much I work on at https://winters.com/accutane/ my job. And, I’m proud I can help them with their bills.”

So, why take the chance? Why hire Tierra associates? Nelson explains, “we all need to help change the world. If you don’t give people a chance, you don’t change anything. I’m glad Hilton has given Niko and Jonathan a chance, because they are incredible.”